Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR), the Dutch creative college for media, design & technology. The GLR is the largest creative college of its kind in the Netherlands. With over 350 qualified staff and educators and more than 4,000 ambitious students, the GLR offers a broad range of college-level educational programs dedicated to preparing our students for future careers in the media, design & technology industries.

Behind the success of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam is our continuing ambition to provide high-quality and innovative education for students and practicing professionals. Students acquire essential knowledge and skills for practical application in a number of different fields. These include, interactive media and graphic design, animation, games, film & video, stage & theatre technique, sound design, media management, media technology, (digital) printing and finishing. These complement an extensive list of exciting specializations.
Project coordinator: Sjoerd Wanrooij
Supporting partner: Mangrove.