Video results of the targetgroup assignment

During our meeting in Newcastle, the students had to do an assignment related to “Targetgroups”.
These video’s are the six results of the second meeting in Newcastle. These six group where formatted by students out of 7 different countries. These groups had names like “Why Aye Man”, “Howayman”, “Canny”, “Haddaway Man”, “Gannin Yem” and “Workyticket”.

The information of the keynotespeakers was a great help to carry out this assignment.

The students received a handout of the assignment and a creative brief.

These are the results

This commercial is made by the “Why aye man!” team:
Niko Kauppinen FI, Bryson Howe UK, Matthias Simon Meier CH, Philip Gygax CH, José Carlos Percho Calderón ES and Jelle Dutry BE.

This commercial is made by the “Howay Man!” team:
Santeri Nikkinen FI, Fabian Bemener NL, Savanah Young UK, Camillo Laurin Schmid CH, Fiona Guariniello Pérez ES, Ellen Byttebier BE and José Baião PT.

This commercial is made by the “Canny” team:
Jenni Koskenniemi FI, Iris Poldervaart NL, Chloe Simpson UK, Sara Spirig CH, Eva Guillén Calvo, ES and Annelien Haeghebaert BE.

This commercial is made by the “Haddaway man” team:
Juha Raivio FI, William Nicholson UK, Jessica Hoch CH, Ignacio Sánchez Robledo ES, Alfonso Garcia ES and Lennert Degelin BE.

This commercial is made by the “Gannin yem” team:
Nando de Groot NL, Szymon Brychcy UK, Fabio Russo CH, Christina Aguado ES, Alberto Hernando Rodríguez ES and Diogo Quaresma PT.

This commercial is made by the “Workyticket” team:
Tyra Grünseis NL, Cameron Dowson UK, Tess Björling Hall CH, Elias Soto ES, Tiago Castro PT and João Cotovio PT.