Video results of assignment

During our meeting in St. Gallen, the students had to do an assignment related to “Local Heroes”.
These six video’s are the results of the fourth meeting in St. Gallen. These six group where formatted by students out of 7 different countries. These groups had names like “Dohle”, “Mungg”, “Chue”, “Gais”, “Staibogg” and “Bless”.

The information of the keynotespeakers and the briefing was a great help to carry out this assignment.

The students received a briefing of the assignment on top off mountain Säntis by Susanne Thuma of Appenzellerland Tourism and Michael Sedda of Suttero.
This is the link to the creative brief

This is the link to the making of of all teams

Team Mungg
In this team: Bianca Banciu (PT), Will Nicholson (UK), Raul Salvador (ES), Jannie Vanbesien (BE), Duncan de Koning (NL), Nicolas Mathys (CH).
Producer Thomas Hary

Team Dohle
In this team: Iris Klein (NL), Joni Palmiranta (FI), Bryson Howe (UK), Lucia Lopes (PT), Felicia Aepli (CH), Carolina Lourenco (PT).
Producer Mathias Born

Team Steibogg
In this team: Guus van Wijk (NL), Sarah Bell (UK), Noora Laanti (FI), Gillies de Craene (BE), Marvin Vogel (CH)
Producer Marlies Thurnheer

Team Chue

Team Bless

Team Gais