Pre work

Before the St. Gallen meeting, the teams from each country had to make a commercial about typical food of their home country. “I taste like home”.

See the pre-work assignment in this link:

These are the results of the pre-work assignments including the feedback that was given after we have seen the movies:

Top’s: Nice music. Great background in the interview. Nice presentation. Good connection to your culture. Emotional feelings. Nice camera movements. Good storytelling.

Tip’s:Color grading could be better. More close ups. Less pan-shots and more focus. Color grading could be better. More rhythm in the editing.

Top’s: Good storytelling. Person with personality. Nice interpretation of the topic. Out of the box.

Tip’s: Confusing product. We don’t see the actual product. It was like a introduction of something else.

Top’s: Unique. Good editing (old-new). Emotional. Good presentation. Good research. Nice color switch. Professional.

Tip’s : End mix of music could be better. Too much text in video. Too long. Sometimes light could be better.

Top’s: Very nice story. Good sound design.  Very funny. Good plot twist.

Tip’s: No autofocus. More blueberry images could help. Nice droneshots but the last one was too long.

Top’s: Nice color grading. Nice Making of. There was a story behind the product. Explain the product very well. Awesome Cinematography.

Tip’s: Music was too loud. Color grading/ to muss yellow.

Top’s: Good Humour. Good story. Nice Making Of. Good voice-over. Good Post-production. Good presentation specially with the mood-board.

Tip’s: Better sound or end-mix. Is it Royalty free Music? In some shots missing light. A little too long.

Top’s: Nice shots. Good color-grading and sound. Good lighting. Good location.

Tip’s: More close-ups. Why this product. Light was a little too bright.