On this page you will find a wide range of Storytelling tools developed and tested during the Commercialpolis project. All tools were tested and used during the projects, either in the project weeks or during pre-work or other assignments.

Benchmark using student projects

And learn each other's best practices.

Feedback without image or sound

An alternative feedback method.

The art of IMMERSIVE storytelling

10 tips for best practice

LISBON | Sérgio Santos

Storytelling strategies.

ROTTERDAM | Nienke Huitinga & Lisa Weeda

the art of immersive storytelling

ROTTERDAM | Gert de Graaff

storytelling through editing

MADRID | Antonella Rodogno

Entrepreneurial soft skills.

MADRID | Guillermo García

Do's and don'ts for stereotypes in commercials.

MADRID | Jen Herranz

Personal branding through social networks.

CORE method (after “Klokhuis”, a Dutch TV show for children)

make an informercial work

Stereotypes in Commercials

Breaking models in advertisement

Customer Development

Detecting market necessities