On this page you will find a wide range of Entrepreneurship tools developed and tested during the Commercialpolis project. All tools were tested and used during the projects, either in the project weeks or during pre-work or other assignments.

Benchmark using student projects

And learn each other's best practices.

MADRID | Antonella Rodogno

Entrepreneurial soft skills.

MADRID | Jen Herranz

Personal branding through social networks.

Social Entrepreneurship

Learn entrepreneurship making a better world

Lean Startup Methodology

Generate a business

Entrepreneur Day

The former students are motivated, socials and professionals.

Empathy Map

Who is going to be the client of my business?

Build your own Entrepreneur

Team Dynamics

Icebreaker Bingo

An icebreaker activity to get to know each other

Visualisation of the Idea

Thinking about the client.

Customer Development

Detecting market necessities

Turn it into a business

How to make business out of your audio-visual production?

Using the USP of a brand

Find inspiration for a story or advertisement in a brand's Unique Selling Proposition.

Working with a brand ambassador

How to work with brand ambassadors in marketing campaigns.

ST. GALLEN | Dennis Lück

From the first scetch to the final success

JYVÄSKYLÄ | Real Skifi

How to make business out of your videos and how to work with multi-channel network.

Value Disciplines

Analyse an existing brand and develop a communication based on the brand’s value.

THRIVE learning materials

The Thrive! project has developed three sets of entrepreneurial learning materials, specially aimed at (students of) the creative industries.